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Good thing that's what jerkin' off is for

Abraham Lincoln was a good ol' man
He hopped out a window with his dick in his hand
He said "Excuse me lady, I'm doing my duty
So pull down your pants and give me some booty"

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The wort part was.. He was gonna be a dad! D':

Lol, wow

A parody of Stamper's parody? Not quite as good as the first parody.

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The only thing I saw emo in this vid was the hair. I don't know what was even supposed to be hardcore. But this looked straight-edge. Straght-edge is some gay fad made up by some wrestler or something stupid like that and they make a homosexual vow never to drink alcohol, smoke, do drugs, have sex, or do naughty things their parents wouldn't like. They're way worse than emos if you ask me, mainly for the fact that they think they're extreme for being a Ne'er-Do-Bad Christian who listens to Slipknot behind his parents' backs. Slipknot is gay, btw. A bunch of fags jumping around on stage with masks playing distorted chords? And they're have another band called Stone Sour(also gay). Getting off topic, but good animation and this was really, really funny. 10 stars for sure.


I love this game so much. It's fun :DDDDDDDD
I've always wanted my own little emo kid, you know.


Yea, what everyone else says: I wish girls were THIS easy in real life. It's as if they're all drunk out of their minds. And if girls in real life could go down THAT far on your dick without any gag reflex or throwing up, that'd be awesome. Decent game.

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Stamper isn't gay

Stamper just has a better sense of humor than people who think he is.
These songs are hilarious as shit.

Amazing songs..

You're probably the best underground metal that I listen to. Is it just you making the music or more than just one person?

pitchblak responds:

Hey man, Thanks alot for the review.Glad you dig my music.Yeah, its just me on all of my songs, I play as a hobby, hope to get more out there soon.I havent had much free time here lately.Thanks again man, Keep Rockin!!!

Stamper, you prove to be a demi-god once more.

Chubby dicks, stubby dicks, fat dicks, skinny dicks, black dicks, curvy dicks, any dicks, call your friends for a dick lick.

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This looks so cool. I'm just going to put it in my favorites :3


Awesome. Cool coloring/drawing or whatever you want to call it.

Obviously not your work.

It's not your work and the copyright at the bottom gave it away. It's made by Disney, not you. Therefore you deserve no credit.

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30, Male

Eating negro food

The home of Africa Jones


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